Apple Just Filed A Patent For What Definitely Looks Like A Vape

Apple are no strangers to odd patents. It seems like they gather up a new pile of weird shit every year but like most of them, they’ll rarely become anything beyond a collection of basic drawings. 

The latest addition to this stockpiled crap is a vaporiser patent that was filed in July and published on the 27th of January. 
The “sublimator/vaporiser” described in the patent is designed to evenly heat the contents of a bowl via a temperature controlled plate that sits on top of the substance instead of underneath it. 
As it vaporises the substance, the plate will compact it, ensuring maximum vape efficiency. Most current models position the plate underneath the bowl which can lead to wastage. 
It’s unknown exactly what Apple are planning to do with this technology, but given the Californian legalisation of recreational weed and popularity of e-cigarettes, could this be a play at the consumer vape market? 
Alternatively, it could be used in an industrial or medical setting rather than the former. 
But more than likely, this is probably just another whacky patent that will never be fully realised by the company. 
Source: Gizmodo
Photo: / Barnaby Chillyville.