Throw that tin foil hat you have to stop the government listening to you, straight into the bin. You won’t be needing that anymore because the Apple iPhone has unveiled a new feature in the iOS 14 update, that will show you exactly when your phone is listening in or watching you.

Wait, so does that mean they are admitting it? Our phone was actually listening to us this whole time. I knew it. So all those times I’ve spoken about a bad back and a mattress ad magically appears, was not in my head, it was real? I can’t believe it.

So what will this new feature look like? It will look like a little dot called a recording indicator. The dot will appear in the top right of your screen in either orange or green. When it’s orange it means the microphone has been accessed and when it’s green it means your camera has been accessed.

“And in Control Center, you can see if an app has used them recently,” said Apple.

When you swipe down on the corner of the dot, that’s when you can go into the control centre and see which apps are watching and listening to you.

We already know that we need to grant certain apps permission to use our microphone and camera. However, this new function will allow greater transparency around how these permissions are being used by apps.

God, this does make you wonder what permissions you’re really granting these apps. So maybe granting access to my camera roll just so I can see what I look like as a man, might not actually be the smartest move. I wonder what else they are doing with the photos in your camera roll?

However, Apple is dealing with that problem with a new function that will be rolled out in the new update.

“You can choose to share only selected items with a developer that asks for access to your photos, or you can give access to your entire library,” Apple said.

To be honest, I’m kind of excited because I hope some of the apps watching me will be totally unexpected.

Fruit Ninja, how could you? Nooo, not you too Mcdonald’s Monopoly app.