Apple Employees Can’t Stop Owning Themselves On The Company HQ’s Glass Walls

In a case of tremendous irony, Apple employees have been walking straight into the company’s glass walls, distracted by the very devices they sell.

In case you haven’t notice, Apple has a real thing for aesthetics. You only have to glance at its shiny new Cupertino headquarters, Apple Park, to realise how much they get off on that shit.

a e s t h e t i c

A big part of its ~look~ is all about clean minimalism, which, if you’ve ever stepped foot inside an Apple store, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. At Apple Park, this is achieved by using incredibly pristine windows as walls.

As it turns out, having barely noticeable walls coupled with amazingly distracting devices is a bit of a workplace hazard. After folks began hurting themselves, employees used Post-it notes to mark the walls, but were told to remove them because – get this – they “detracted from the building’s design”.

The campus opened its doors last year, but many workers have only just moved into the new digs this year.

According to a MarketWatch report, Apple has called emergency services a number of times as a result of employees accidentally owning themselves on the glass walls. Luckily, none of them had to be hospitalised, but some had to be treated for minor cuts to the head.

Legally, the company may have to rethink its glass wall aesthetic, as Californian law requires employees to be ”protected against the hazard of walking through glass by barriers or by conspicuous durable markings”.

In other words, they’re gonna have to make the walls way more noticeable to prevent further injuries, lest they wanna be hit with some gnarly legal action.