Apple just launched a new device that helps you find your lost items, and why didn’t this product exist when I lost my purse on New Year’s Eve last year???

The Airtag is connected to the Find My app on your phone (you know the one that used to be called Find My iPhone?) The app has since expanded so you can also use the app to trackĀ  a variety of things, like your friends (with their permission ofc). Personally, I love tracking my friend’s booty calls in real time. “Wow, you’re really travelling to Pakenham sis? Ok, you do you.”

With the latest iOS update there is now a new tab in the Find My network titled items. Once you have an Airtag set up, you can track all items through the tab (wallet, backpack, keys, suitcase etc). I 100% will be using it to track the winter coats I leave behind couches when I go clubbing. TRULY LIFE CHANGING.

I have already connected Airtags to my keys, wallet and bag. This morning I couldn’t find my keys and used the ‘find nearby’ feature. Of course, my keys were under a pile of clothes on my bed *face palms*. But god, it’s so easy to find anything in this mode.

The Airtag ft. my keys and a weird rainbow keyring my friend gave me as a joke

Apple isn’t the first to develop a product like this, there’s also products like Tile and the Galaxy SmartTag. However, the big diff is that the Airtag connects to everyone’s Find My network. So basically as long as someone has an iPhone, they can actually help find your missing item by relaying the location of your Airtag and sending the info to that almighty iCloud.

The other brilliant feature is that when you know you’ve lost your iPhone you can pop it into lost mode — where you can set up a display message. If the item is found by someone (e.g. your Uber driver after a messy night) they can tap it using their iPhone taking them to a website with a message and your phone number.

But what if I get hacked? Well, according to Apple all your location data is completely secure and is end-to-end encrypted, so only the owner of the device (you) has access to the data.

There’s also the FUN option of adding an emoji to the front of your Airtag, (that can be downloaded from because it’s an emoji’s world and we’re just living in it, sweaty.