2 Huge ‘Animal Crossing’ Updates Are Coming & Finally, That Big Blue Ocean Temptress Is Yours

Fancy a swim? Animal Crossing: New Horizons has announced two huge Summer Updates, and the first one is that the ocean is yours. Tom Nook is shaking.

From July 3, you’ll be able to swim in the ocean, dive down for new sea creatures and donate them to a new wing of the museum.

You’ll also be meeting some new characters, which is great news for anyone in a petty war with residents of their island, trying desperately to get them to leave. (You know who you are.)

Honestly, as someone who was turned off Animal Crossing during that whole non-stop Easter Egg parade and never went back, this might just be the thing to get me logging on again. Bet I’m going to have so many weeds. Bet my residents are maaaaad.

The update is free, and lands literally next week! It’s aptly called ‘Wave 1’. A second update, called ‘Wave 2’, is planning for early August, so looks like the oceans are opening up even further.