The Huge ‘Animal Crossing’ Update Has A Gallery, Garden Shop & A Totally Suss Art Dealer

'Animal Crossing'

In absolutely ripper news, the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is packed with a whole heap of wholesome goodness. I’m talking a museum expansion, familiar faces, and more island hopping.

Fans can expect new seasonal events like Nature Day and May Day (interesting name for a tour), and we’re copping two new merchants: Leif and Redd. AND an art gallery is being added to the museum. I’M SO EXCITED. There’s still no sign of my beloved Brewster, but I’m sure he’ll appear soon. He must. 

Okay, let me just say that my island looks nothing like this. Not even close. My god.

So the April update will introduce us to nature-loving Leif, who sells an assortment of shrubs and flower seeds. Fingers crossed this means I don’t have to create my own hybrid flowers, because I have yet to do that. Moving on, it appears Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler drops anchor at your secret north-side beach. I knew that beach was there for a reason. I bloody knew it. Inside you can spend bells on cool as hell artwork and furniture, but be careful – not all of Redd’s artwork is real. You’ll have to suss whether or not the art is genuine. As an aside, I just spotted Vincent van Gogh‘s Starry Night in the gallery, and I need it now. Like right now. Might just keep it for myself. Sorry, Blathers. After you donate your first art piece to the museum, it will expand to include the new gallery.

Anywho, the Nature Day event runs from April 23 to May 4, and it’s all about helping your island flourish with foliage. There’ll be limited time Nature Day activities to earn extra Nook Miles, like planting shrub starts and watering plants. It sounds heaps less intense than Bunny Day, so I’m keen.

The May Day Tour will kick off May 1 to May 7. Players will be able to use a one-time May Day Ticket to head out to a limited-time only island. To celebrate International Museum Day (May 18 to May 31), players can take part in a Stamp Rally. Also, WEDDING SEASON is coming (June 1 to June 30). Harvey needs your help taking pictures, and you get to stage the photographs. I love LOVE.

Thank you Nintendo gods.

The free update lands on your island April 23. THAT’S TOMORROW. HELL YEAH.