Here’s Why Some People Can Grow Rare New Flowers In ‘Animal Crossing’ But You (And Me) Can’t

Animal Crossing

Just when I thought I was finally catching up to everyone else in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, users have shared what happens when you achieve the elusive five-star island rating. So chuffed to be reminded I am years away from reaching five stars. Love it.

When you achieve a perfect five-star rating on your island and maintain it for some consecutive days, a type of flower – Lily of the Valley – appears. The flower is nothing new to the Animal Crossing universe, but we’re only just hearing about it in New Horizons because more and more people are reaching the milestone.

Behold, the Lily of the Valley (right) and some golden roses (left). Sigh.

You can’t buy the flower as a seed and you can’t grow it either. You must earn it.

According to Twitter user @thestitchybaker, once you achieve the five-star rating, Isabelle will gift you the recipe for a gold watering can. Use it to water black roses and gold ones should appear near it. So turns out I can’t do a lot of things without a five-star rating. Hahaha.

Whatever, it’s not even that pretty. I don’t care. I do. I absolutely do. I want a Lily of the Valley!!!

Oh my god.

My island is so ugly compared to all of these islands. I’m so salty.

Reader, if I knew what I was doing I would absolutely walk you through – step by step – how to achieve a five-star island rating. But I don’t, so I can’t. All I can offer you is this Brooklyn Nine-Nine x Animal Crossing mashup. I’m sorry (I’m not).

If you have any five-star island rating tips, please email me at

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