I have the utmost respect for customer service folk because, more often than not, us customers are pains in the bussy. Furthermore, the overnight glow-up of Angela from British Airways has filled me with a deep, deep sense of joy.

When a customer complained to British Airways today about being refused entry onto a plane because her passport wasn’t signed, Angela responded with the following choice words: “There are times when we have to accept responsibility for our own actions. If you’d signed your passport when you received it, this wouldn’t have become an issue. Angela”

This subsequently garnered a lot of support from the cybersphere, who applauded Angela for sticking it to the (wo)man and becoming the newfound queen of not giving a single shit. Oh Angela, we stan so hard.

All hail Queen Angela of British Airways™, the people’s martyr.

The tweet has since been deleted (we hope she ain’t in too much trouble), but her legacy will most certainly remain.

To those who aren’t onboard the Angela train, I say this: get wrecked, she’s just out here living her best life on Twitter, and who are we to yuck her yum?

In a world full of fake smiles and sarcastic kindness, be an Angela.

If I may ask one thing, it’s that her tweet is engraved on my tombstone. Please and thank you.

Image: Twitter: @mnrrntt, @British_Airways; Game of Thrones