An Ode To MS Paint & The Terrible Digital Art That Will Never Be The Same

Microsoft Paint has been an institution of the Windows operating system for 32 years, but sadly, the company are now planning its demise

32 wonderful years of bad art and juvenile drawings that the youth of today may never experience, at least not in the same thrilling way that we once did. Sure, there’s always Photoshop, but dammit, it’s just not the fucking same. 
There’s a certain level of accomplishment that comes from creating a masterpiece with a limited set of tools that you just don’t get from complicated editing software. Face it, drawing a crude picture in a program capable of much more is just a waste of time. 
The feeling of perfectly shading a huge, veiny dick using only a light spray can and two shades of grey is, quite frankly, unparalleled. Nailing the perfect level of penile chiaroscuro on what is essentially a relic of the digital art world is just as thrilling as doodling a masterpiece on a post-it note. 
Ask yourself; what was MS Paint actually for? There was a time when it may have been suitable for editing images, sure, but for the better part of 20 years, it’s been absolutely essential for only two things:
1. Killing time when Solitaire or Minesweeper just won’t cut it. 
2. Drawing huge, gnarly dicks while you’re blitzed at a friend’s house and setting it as their wallpaper. 
So simple, yet so elegant. 
What could possibly replace such a classic utility? Busting out MS Paint as an adult was maybe the only way to replicate the feeling of being a child with a fresh set of Faber-Castell Connector Pens, 30 sheets of blank A4 paper from dad’s printer and a huge glass of Fanta
We all took its charm and power for granted and now we must find a way to live without it. How will the children of tomorrow create bad, yet hilarious images of filth? How will they create the ironically bad memes we know and love? I mourn for them. 
To pay respects to the old and much-loved canvas of the Windows world, here’s a collection of terrible artwork from the Bad MS Paint Drawings blog. Enjoy them as you enjoyed creating your own. 
RIP, MS Paint. You will be missed.
Photo: Bad MS Paint Drawings.