Amazon Alexa Users Report Their Devices Are Randomly Cackling Like Witches

Now that all the big tech companies have their own version of a personal home assistant on the market, it’s safe to say we’ve become fairly comfortable with the idea of having artificial intelligence in and around our lives.

But that could change after you see this creepy shit. Amazon‘s assistant, Alexa, has been randomly laughing at people. And it’s not a cute laugh or anything, either, it’s like a creepy witch laugh.

Folks are understandably freaked out by the whole thing, which has even become a Twitter Moment. Check out the video below and you’ll understand why. Keep in mind that Alexa was not asked to do this, or was even awake, she decided to do this of her own volition, which is absolutely fucking terrifying.

Hmm, I’d be setting fire to that motherfucker right about now. Amazon says it’s “aware” of the issue and is “working to fix it”. Others have shared their own scary experiences with the home assistant, after which they promptly unplugged the device. A wise move if you ask me.

Pretty grim, no? Check out the footage below of Alexa waking up her owner to tell them a story about a fucking UFO sighting.

Yeah, that can go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned. Even Jimmy Kimmel is understandably spooked by the whole saga.

Welp, that’s us done, folks. If this isn’t AI becoming self-aware, I don’t know what is. It was nice knowing you all.