If the Alien: Isolation game was a bit too much for you and your scared little face, there’s now a web series based on its story, and it airs tomorrow.

The Alien: Isolation Digital Series was announced by IGN this morning and will run through its own YouTube channel in conjunction with 20th Century Fox. You’ll be able to stream all seven episodes of the series from 4 am AEST tomorrow morning.

“20th Century Fox has expanded on Alien: Isolation by taking the cut scenes from the 2014 game and adding in new story beats to bring the tale of Amanda Ripley to life in a whole new way,” the video description reads.

In other words, the story is largely the same to the game, it just doesn’t force you to live through the terror in an interactive way. You can suss out the trailer for yourself below.

Scary stuff. Set 15 years after the original Alien film, Isolation put you in the shoes of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, as she fought to figure out what happened to her mother. If you’re familiar with the movies, you’ll know it, uh, was all pretty grim.

You’ll get to see how Amanda fared bright and early tomorrow morning.

Source: Kotaku
Image: Sega