A Telco With A Weird-Ass Name Is Doing A No-Contract 20GB Mobile Plan For $18

If you’re horny for some cheap data, have we got some news for you! A telco with a weird name is flogging 20GB for just $18 per month with no lock-in contract. Good grief.

[jwplayer rPQVCvRq]

The SIM-only plan is on offer with Cirlces.Life, a company that’s still relatively new on the scene and runs on the Optus network. Technically, you actually get 23GB a month thanks to a “bill shock protection” feature which gives you a 3GB buffer if you go over your cap.

Better yet, you can piss off whenever you like because there are no contracts. Sick. If you’re keen for this cheap-as-hell deal, you can suss it the hell out below. You’ll need to use the code “10FOR12” to sign up.

In terms of how that price compares to other plans with heaps of data, it’s certainly the cheapest, with the closest alternative clocking in at nearly $12 more expensive.

There is a slight catch, it’s only that price for 12 months, after which it goes up to $28 per month, which is still decent. If you’re not sure right now, that’s alright, you have until November 10 to take advantage of the deal.

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