PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered with Vodafone to see how they can help us get back into the swing of the new academic year. Find out more about their swell deals for students HERE.

There are four kinds of people in the world: people who are on their mobile 24/7, replying to five Snapchat stories a minute; people who use their phones on the loo, on public transport, and just every second they’re not gazing at some other screen; people who check their Facebook and Instagram when they’re only halfway through a sentence; and people who do all three. Jks there’s also people who can’t use a phone but I refuse to believe those people exist.

OI STUDENTS: Sort Out Yr Back-To-Uni Blues W/ Up To 20% Off Yr Mobile Needs

For all us Sir-Text-A-Lots, the start of the uni year means a whole new slew of reasons we’re seriously considering having our phones surgically attached to our hands: like organising group work, the bane of every students’ existence; hooking up a study bud post-tute pub sesh; and staying connected to the outside world – okay, mostly FaceTiming my dog – while in the thick of a textbook bender.

If y’all are also struggling with the start-of-semester sads, then I reckon we’ve uncovered what’ll pull you out of it: those students among us in need of a new phone plan, whether because our contract’s up or our current provider doesn’t give us enough mobile data (we seem to smash through that data erry month) or we just need a change, man, are about to get lucky thanks to Vodafone.

OI STUDENTS: Sort Out Yr Back-To-Uni Blues W/ Up To 20% Off Yr Mobile Needs

Vodafone are rewarding all your hard work and giving your tight as instant-noodle-only budget a hand with a couple of sweet, sweet deals for students. They’re kindly offering: a discount of up to 20% on SIM Only plans when you supply your own phone; or a neat 10% off if you treat yourself to a new phone, and sign up on a Red Plan. (There’s no lock-in on selected Red Plans. Leave your plan and keep your phone – just pay what’s left.)

You’ve got until April 10 to take full advantage of this excel-lent (get it, they’ll help you excel at your studies? Eh? EH?) dealio – and a whole ream of other uhh-may-zing offers for students when you sign up with a valid Student ID with Vodafone HERE*.

*Min cost, early exit fees and T&Cs apply.

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