It seems to me, a twenty-something bloke with no kids, that the One Little Trick™ to motherhood is years of intense and unrelenting effort. Between financial pressures, the uneven division of household labour, and the simply mind-melting act of actually gestating a foetus, being a mum seems a quite difficult. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Discussing those difficulties and sharing coping strategies feels like a pretty important way to circumvent the gnarliest aspects of parenthood. Enter Grace, a new glossy mag from upmarket mummy site The Grace Tales, which features Zoë Foster Blake and her cherubic bubs on the front cover.

Taking to Instagram last night, the author and skincare entrepreneur shared her excitement about the whole thing. She also featured a suite of photos from the mag, highlighting young ones Sonny and Rudy (No Hamish in the piccies, mind you).

You can expect the profile to delve into some of the ways Foster Blake keeps her world turning, amid her writing commitments and the continual success of Go-To. If you’re keen to dive into all of that, you can cop the digital version of the mag here.

Image: zotheysay / Instagram