In some bloody excellent news, Zoë Foster Blake‘s skincare range Go-To is heading to MECCA – every single blessed store in both Australia and New Zealand – in April 2019. 

The Go-To skincare range, both natural and cruelty-free, includes their bestselling daily moisturiser with SPF 15 named Zincredible, their Very Useful Face Cream – the ultra-hydrating and lightweight daily moisturiser, and their wildly popular Properly Clean cleanser.

MECCA and Foster Blake haven’t announced the exact release date just yet so be sure to keep an eye on their social media channels for all the updates.

Meanwhile on Instagram, Foster Blake announced the news with a fab picture of herself holding her products.

It brings me sinful amounts of joy and pride to announce that come April, you’ll be able to find @gotoskincare in ALL MECCA STORES!!” she captioned her post.

As a frequent and dedicated customer of Mecca, and a long time admirer of Jo Horgan and what she has created within the Aussie beauty industry, it’s so exciting to be part of the family. I love the stores, the edit, and the staff are a 15/10 every, single, time.

To think that my sweet little peach freshman will soon be hanging out with Dr Barbara Sturm and Ellis Faas and Too Faced and Le Labo and Ren in the Mecca cafeteria at lunch…. It’s too much!

Foster Blake and MECCA founder Jo Horgan have known each other for 15 years so this partnership couldn’t get any more perfect.

April 2019, pals.


Image: Instagram / @zotheysay