Zara’s Launching An Augmented Reality App So Prepare For Holographic Models

So this is a bit cool. Giant retail company Zara have announced they’ll be launching an augmented reality experience in some of their stores. Why? So shoppers can see models strut the latest farshunnn looks around the store. It may sound silly, unnecessary and first-world x 10 but Zara reckons it’s a neat way to tap into the tech era and keep them all hip and happening.

The experience will blast us into the future for just two weeks when it lands in 120 flagship stores around the world from April 18. This potentially means Australia might just be one of them – it’ll probably be in Sydney though, let’s be real. Maybe it’ll be Melbourne, maybe.

Augmented reality (AR), not to be confused with virtual reality (VR) is a live view of the physical real world, augmented by computer-generated information AKA the models. Think Pokemon Go with a hella superior fashion sense.  

The augmented experience will be available to customers who download the Zara app.  Another feature will also allow keen shoppers to hover their phones over a package (ordered online) to see its contents on their screens. Pretty damn cool, not gonna lie.

The point of the app usage is to encourage customers to share their experiences all over social media – especially Instagram in an effort to compete with online retailers like ASOS. 

Augmented reality is an interesting way to go but Zara ain’t the first crew to launch it in their stores. In September 2017, high-fashion label Burberry had an app feature that allowed users to digitally transform their peasant world with Burberry-inspired drawings.

Just this week, Zara’s official Australian online store launched sending everyone bloody broke and it’s only March. Really, there’s next-day delivery and everything in-store is also available online so nobody’s safe, nobody. If you haven’t checked out the gold mine, click HERE and prepare to drop a coupla bucks…and a hundred more.