Niche Fragrance Lords Diptyque Are Branching Out Into Car Fresheners

The pinnacle of home dreams is to have a Diptyque Baies candle in every room. If you can couple that with being doused in the brand’s fragrances Do Son or Philosykos daily, you’ve really made it.

But what about your stinky, revolting old car? It wants some luxury fragrance house love. You treat it mean, filling it with week-old Macca’s garbage on the regular. Surely it deserves the TLC that an expensive freshener can provide.

So bin that Black Ice pine-tree from the rear-view mirror, because it’s time to spend some serious dough on Diptyque’s latest venture – car fresheners.

Yep, you can now get all your fave scents from the brand in car fragrance form. True to their brand, the fresheners look chic as hell.

They’re the clip-on air vent kind, not hanging – so while they’re gorgeous alone, they’ll also blend in well to any vehicle interior.

We’re fairly sure they’re intended more for the Merc/BMW drivers as opposed to our trusty 2001 Toyota Echo folks – but hey, if you can’t throw down $20k on a new set of wheels, you can at least have the luxury freshener to make you feel like money, right?

So come on. Throw out that month-old coffee cup. Clear out the ants nest that’s been developing in your rotted drivers-side carpet. It’s time to give your car some real loving.

Diptyque’s car fresheners drop on the Diptyque US site this September – but we don’t have an Aussie release date yet. Their US price is set at $75AUD, with refills costing $54AUD.