Young Libs Meeting Crashed By Protesters In KKK Hoods Making Ghost Noises

I know that politicians have to come from somewhere. I know that allowing young people with similar political beliefs to organise and debate and network is a vital part of how politics works in Australia. I get that. But deep, deep in my heart, I dearly wish we could somehow do this without Young Labor, Young Greens or Young Libs.

While a lot of these people are lovely and relatively normal, they seem to be (for the most part) extremely weird units. Think about everyone you knew or know at uni who is involved in student politics – would you trust them to hold a knife around you? I didn’t think so.
I admire the passion and dedication of people who live and breathe politics while they could be doing normal uni stuff like drinking cleanskin wine and sleeping past noon, but at the same time, I never ever want to be handed a pamphlet ever again in my life.
These people have their own jokes and their own traditions and their own ways of doing things. What could student politicians mean by crashing a Young Libs meeting in KKK hoods and booing like ghosts? I haven’t the faintest idea, but two of them sure did it.

According to Fairfax reporter Michael Koziol, the two hooded bandits received a mixed response:

The “protesters” (fuck knows what they were protesting) were pretty quickly kicked out and the meeting was called off. Did they intentionally appear during the vote for the non-discriminatory immigration policy? Was it to suggest people who didn’t vote for it were (ghost?) racists? Or that people were using strawmen racists to silence discussion around immigration policy? Who knows.
NSW Liberals party director Chris Stone released as statement saying the incident would be investigated:
“Two protesters wearing highly offensive costumes entered a Young Liberal Council meeting tonight. 

“The identities of the protesters were not known to those present at the meeting.

“The meeting was immediately adjourned and the protesters ejected. An investigation into the incident will be undertaken.

“The Liberal Party highly condemns the offensive nature of this protest.”
More on this as it develops, if it does? I guess?
Source and photo: Twitter.