Each year brings with it a handful of defining skin trends.

Last year it was all about ‘glass skin’ – a flawless, high-sheen finish sheen that looked so perfect you could practically see your own reflection on ya cheek bones.

Not surprisingly, this particularly glossy effect was far from natural, requiring a plethora of products to achieve the desired ~lewk~.

2019, however, is favouring a slightly more natural look with ‘yoga skin‘ now starting to trend online.

So WTF is yoga skin?

Well, I’m glad you asked. A quick trawl of the ‘#yogaskin’ hashtag on Instagram and you’re bombarded with fresh faced babes.

The yoga skin look is all about a distinctly dewy, natural glow as opposed to a matte or ‘perfect’ finish.

Now, IDK about you, but ‘dewy’ and ‘glowy’ definitely isn’t how I leave yoga class, but you get the gist.

The term ‘yoga skin’ was originally coined by UK makeup artist Sarah Hill, who is pretty much the expert on mastering the beauty technique.

The good news is that, contrary to how it sounds, you don’t have to endure a session of bikram to nail the look – phew.

How do you get ‘yoga skin’?

The defining trait of ‘yoga skin’ is the healthy glow, which you can hack with a little help from illuminating, and some bushy boy brows.

Sarah gives a step-by-step guide of how to master the look on her Instagram Stories, and it’s actually super easy.

“Prep skin as normal with your regular skincare and allow to absorb, give it at least 5 mins,” Sarah explains.

yoga skin

“Then mix your facial oil, any strobe type cream, and a couple of drops of illuminator into your foundation. 60% foundation 40% skin-mix. If you have oily skin change the % to less skin-mix.

yoga skin

“Massage each layer into the skin to get the blood pumping and allow the product to work deeper. Let each layer settle for a minute until you have built up the final effect you want.”

For that added cool-girl finish, Sarah also recommends brushing up your eyebrow hairs with a clean mascara wand before adding a layer of cream shadow to your lids.

Watch the tutorial in action here:

Image: Instagram / [@sarahhillmakeup]