In a massive win for killer whales, California has just outlawed all orca breeding and performance.

Which means no more of this.

YIEW: California Outlaws All Orca Breeding & Performance W/ Watershed Bill

And no more deaths of trainers, who are attacked by clinically depressed and deeply frustrated whales kept in unimaginable small spaces.

The bill was signed into law by the state’s Governor Jerry Brown, after state assemblyman Richard Bloom introduced the California Orca Protection Act.

The World Animal Protection is ecstatic that no more orcas will have to live and die in captivity for human entertainment, calling it a “huge victory for marine life.”

“This groundbreaking legislation, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, sends a powerful message to other U.S. states that orcas belong in the wild. Not in captivity for human entertainment,” reads a statement. “The experience of captive marine mammals is a far cry from their natural lives in their wild ocean homes, causing extreme suffering and stress for these intelligent creatures. The passage of this law reflects that the welfare of marine animals is increasingly crucial to the consumer tourist public, which does not want to see wildlife exploited for entertainment.”

The body also gave a nod to the makers of the 2013 doco Blackfish, which has been instrumental in shining a light on the suffering of killer whales in captivity, particularly those kept by amusement park chain Seaworld.

Back in March, Seaworld finally caved to public pressure and confirmed it would halt orca breeding and the use of whales in theatrical performances.

An amazing step forward for these bootiful creatures.

Photo: Seaworld.