Work from home life continues for the PEDESTRIAN.TV editorial team, and that means for many of us that sadly, the fashion has stopped.

Like you, we’re loving the later wake up alarms and lunchtime walks, but one thing we’re hating about WFH is the limited opportunities to get creative with fashion. There comes a time when wearing a tracksuit day in and day out gets, well, kinda boring.

When The Iconic hit us up with the pitch to dress our work wife or husband for a day, we leapt on it like Leo leapt for the floating door after the Titanic collapse, except the floating door is FASHION and much like in the film, it can actually fit all of us and no one has to drown (Rose was SELFISH).

The catch? We had to pick something for our work bestie that WASN’T just shit they’d buy for themselves. Not that we had to like, force them into a skort or whatever – just break them a lil’ out of their fashion wheelhouse.

The verdict? Good, but distressing.

1. Mel Vs. Alex

P.TV’s Managing Editor in Sydney and Deputy Editor could not dress more differently. Mel thinks she’s at Woodstock in 1969, while Alex loves a good flirty dress or linen midi.


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Big Sheila energy.

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I have to be honest, I was terrified Alex was going to try to force her “cute button up cardi top” energy on me, which she’s been repping all winter and looks fantastic on her, but my boobs are way too big for button up anything.

Thankfully, she went in a completely different direction. She says this look is like my 70s vibe but more Joan Jett, which honestly I was alarmed by – I never wear black, like ever – but it ended up looking sexy as hell.

I really like the jeans in particular – they’re Rolla’s Original Straight Long Jeans – I’m a die-hard flares fan and own like every colour of the Rolla’s Eastcoast Flares, which is probably why Alex bought me Rolla’s jeans lol. But the straight is so good in black, feels more suited to going out when we can do that regularly again.

The top I was iffy about – I’m not a logo tee gal and it’s VERY logo. It’s The People Vs. Flyer Crop Tee. But I think with the high-waist jeans it’s cute, and because the logo isn’t aggressively like “THIS IS THE BRAND NAME” and has more of a Harley vibe to it.

why yes I DO have a Justin Timberlake book sticker from 2004 on my mirror

I feel like I’ll get HEAPS of wear out of the epic jeans, but the tee would be for when I really wanna embrace this rock goddess vibe on a night out I reckon.


Okay, this was the first pair of new jeans I’ve squeezed myself into since iso began. I’m not writing that to say putting on weight is bad (it’s not!!! it’s also very expected right now!!) but that maybe I should have gone a size up. WHOOPS. Anyway, the Topshop Editor jeans are beaut, I love a good straight leg and the deeper blue is one missing from my jeans wardrobe atm.

They cut off at a very flattering 7/8s of the leg. The Atmos&Here Jess jumper is super cute – who doesn’t love a crop – although I think I’ll be paring it with high waisted skirts in the future.

Pairing a turtleneck with an exposed midriff just doesn’t quite make sense? Or is that my mum’s voice in the head?

2. Louis vs. David

Louis is easily the P.TV staff member who takes the most fashion risks and nails them 100% of the time, from bleaching his hair to repping mesh tees. David, meanwhile is the epitome of Melbourne – all black everyday, with the occasional white tee thrown into the mix.


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Upon receiving the thicc package from David, I immediately became shook by how much he was able to purchase within the budget. I was also shook by how perfectly everything fitted. Given how much David was able to chuck in the cart – 6 items to be precise – I divvied the fashions up into two respective looks.

A darker look, complete with Locale black dungarees  and a Staple muscle top:

Also took it up a notch with, a washed black Silent Theory short-sleeve shirt and Nike bum bag.

Then there was the lighter look – a Silent Theory long-sleeve cream top and a large AERE cream short-sleeve shirt, paired with some high-waisted jeans of mine.

In both looks, I loved the versatility that the various garments afforded me – I can see myself wearing these get-ups in a number of scenarios. I’m also a sucker for layers, so this Iconic package well-and-truly appeased my layer-desiring heart. I’ve been looking to wear more shirts and long-sleeve tees in general – I usually live in tank tops – so the new garments will give my wardrobe a much-needed shake-up. Overall, A+ David, you did the Lord’s work.


It is true that, when helping Louis style me, I pointed to Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley as a style icon. But I also forwarded a more obscure, but no less impactful image – this shot of Robin Williams at the New York City premiere of Flubber, circa 1997, in a legendary Issey Miyake get-up. Those pockets. The specs. The drip. What a king.

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Louis riffed on this look, securing me a ripstop tactical vest from Zanerobe. I whacked it over a simple black hoodie, grey chinos, and the Comme des Garçons Play x Converse sneakers owned by every Melbourne guy who even remotely fits my profile. Topped off with a Carharrt beanie I’ve had longer than most of my friends, I felt ready to explore the urban environment (stay at home and peer off my balcony, because I didn’t have a black mask handy to match the aesthetic).

Ellen Ripley is not only a style hero, but a hair inspiration. My curly mop is not quite at her feathery best, but I gave it a nudge in this look, which includes a fatigue green tee from Staple Superior, a leather jacket, black jeans, and a slightly different pair of Converse. I call this look ‘I Own A Motorcycle, Yes I Rode It Here, No You Can’t See It.’

Old mate also hit me with a surprise package: A pair of corduroy work pants from Locale. Big on pockets and even bigger on legroom, I had a fun time wrangling some of my old favourites into a cohesive (?) look. I bridged the neutral tones of the pants to the hard indigo of a selvage denim jacket with a flannel I don’t wear nearly as often as I should. Up top: my Carharrt beanie (backup). 

The tee is already in weekly rotation, and I’m keen to layer the vest over more pieces. The pants will take some getting used to, but this could be a sparkling opportunity. Maybe the only thing that’s really ‘alien’ to me is the old school, versatile comfort of corduroy. Cheers, Louis.

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