Wonderbra Ad Features Hundreds of Women Posing In Bras

Generic bra advertisements warrant at the very least, a casual glance from passing motorists. Imagine the potential danger then, in advertisements where a woman posing in a bra is made up of hundreds of smaller panels featuring um.. women posing in bras.

English company Wonderbra have done that exactly, and are reportedly stopping traffic with their mosaic style billboard which features hundreds of bra-clad women that the company recruited in June of this year.

Is advertising now so salacious that I need to see 1000 pairs of breasts just to get a reaction? Don’t get me wrong, I like breasts, but the gratuitous amounts of cleavage on display here makes me never want to see a pair of breasts again. No, that’s a lie.

For the more deviant among us, Wonderbra’s website offers users the luxury (or is that perversion?) of viewing the images individually.

For product performance reasons of course…Only because you want to buy a pair for your girlfriend. Sure you sicko, whatever helps you sleep at night…