Woman Who Called Out US Airline Over Leggings Ban Slams “Sexist” Dress Code

The woman whose disbelieving tweets about young women being kicked off a United Airlines flight due to their leggings has issued a long-form response to the debacle, saying the incident was indicative of pervading sexist double-standards.

In a piece for TIME Magazine offshoot Motto, Shannon Watts, who watched the incident unfold at Denver airport on Sunday, writes “women are tired of being policed for our clothing.

“Dress codes are laced with words and phrases that easily conform to – and are manipulated by – a misogynistic society.

“United’s pass rider dress policy, whether intentional or not, is sexist, and it sexualizes young girls by calling leggings inappropriate.”

She writes “as a woman and a mom of five kids, I was uncomfortable and angered by what unfolded at the Denver airport. 

“I saw young women being scrutinized and shamed for what they looked like, something that happens daily.”

Watts elaborated that while one airline’s discretionary measures over passengers’ attire “may not directly affect what all of us wear, it sends a message to us about United’s values.

“It would behoove United to revisit its policies and make adjustments for 2017.”
United Airlines took to Twitter after the incident to defend its policy stance, but was roundly criticised for its decision to remove the “pass riders” from its flight. 

Source: Motto / New York Times.
Photo: Shannon Watts / Twitter.