Win Gold Class Tix By Helping Us Sort The Ultimate Before-30 Bucket List

Seeing as PEDESTRIAN.TV’s all about expressing ourselves ~freely~, we’ve partnered with ACUVUE brand contact lenses, who feel equally as strong re: freedom, because contact lenses make life a hell of a lot easier and we’re all. About. That. Life.

Together, we’re running a competition where we’re asking you, the best readers going ‘round, for the top 30 places everyone should have the chance to see before they’re thirty, flirty and thriving. 

The best submissions will win a double pass to Gold Class. There are up to 2,200 of them to hand out so the odds of scoring yourself a set are pretty high. Visit ACUVUE’s website HERE to see how their contact lenses could enhance the experience of seeing the best places in the world/enable you to physically watch a movie with complete clarity. 

Everyone has a mental list of things they’d like to see, and some things are just better done while you’re young enough to appreciate it.
Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we’re trying to create the ultimate travel bucket list – 30 places you should see before your 30th, and readers, we need your help.
Tell us what the one place you need to see before you turn 30 is.
Do you live for the big cities of the world, like London?
Are you all about ancient architecture, like the pyramids?
Do you dream of standing above the clouds?
Or would a deserted beach be more your speed?
Beautiful readers, tell us the ultimate place you want to see before you turn 30 + why. The most creative entries will win you a double pass to Gold Class, and who doesn’t want a prize that rhymes?