After last week’s brazen attempted theft of bags full of Camilla clothing in Sydney, the nation at large was faced with two questions: who exactly was alleged to have pilfered the kaftans and maxi-dresses, and why exactly would someone go to that extreme?

At the very least, we have an answer to that first quandary. 

The woman who police allege introduced herself as a security guard at the cult brand’s Paddington warehouse sale, before trying to take off with sacks full of gear, is 43-year-old Elise Arnaudon. The partner of former Socceroo Jason Van Blerk faces charges of shoplifting and impersonating a security officer.

It has been alleged seventeen different items from the brand’s patterned, sparkle-encrusted range were located by police after the attempted pilfering. 

At the time, a rep for the cult-favourite brand said “we do have shoplifting incidents in our retail stores, but to my knowledge we haven’t had an incident like this at a warehouse sale before.”

Regardless of the theft, the sale itself was, by all accounts, a frenzy of hypebeasts for the swishy-swashy label. Some Camilla die-hards lined up outside Paddington Town Hall from 2:30am on the day of the sale to get their mitts the discounted goods before anyone else. 

The queue for the @camillawithlove warehouse sale ??#queuelife #camillasale #mustwantitbad

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To add to the theft drama, there was even a little conflict between other would-be shoppers:

Arnaudon is scheduled to face court on March 23. 

Source: / Northern Daily Leader. 
Photo: @cleo21 / Instagram.