Why David Leyonhjelm’s Shot At Rebecca Wilson Is His Biggest Dog Act Yet

We’re sure Senator David Leyonhjelm is sitting smugly in his office as we speak, revelling in all the extra attention his latest bout with behaviour unbecoming of an invalid slug, let alone an elected Federal Senator, is bringing in.

The shockingly sad news earlier this morning of journalist Rebecca Wilson‘s passing at the age of 54 sparked an outpouring of emotion from Wilson’s friends, fans, and industry colleagues, stating how important, trail blazing a role Wilson played for women in sports journalism.
Mere hours after the news broke, David Leyonhjelm decided to weigh in on the situation, not by extending any condolences or the like, but by putting the boots in to a recently dead person.
Citing an article written by Wilson for the Daily Telegraph that named and shamed 198 football fans allegedly on FFA‘s ban list – an article he piped up about once when it was written, and certainly didn’t mention it yesterday or any of the days leading up to Wilson’s untimely passing – Leyonhjelm, with all the taste of a sucked-on eraser, said this:

The class. It abounds.

After people (QUITE BLOODY RIGHTFULLY) arced up about it – after all, he’s only having a dig at a 54-year-old woman who succumbed to breast cancer *this morning* leaving behind a devastated husband and kids – Leyonhjelm summoned all the the humility out of that Satan’s Anus he calls a soul to issue this carefully worded statement:

“Rebecca Wilson wrote a story in the Sunday Telegraph in 2015 in which she purported to name and shame fans of the Western Sydney Wanderers who she claimed had been banned by the Football Federation for loutish behaviour. This was accompanied by photographs of the individuals.

In fact, some of the people named had never been banned, some had been banned on spurious grounds, and some were under 18 and should never have been named even if they had been legitimately banned.

The response by fans was to boycott games, eventually forcing the FFA to modify its approach to banning fans and to treat them with decency and natural justice.

However, Western Sydney Wanderers fans never forgot Wilson’s failure to check facts or shabby treatment. As I said in my tweet, I do not expect them to attend her funeral.

If you think that’s offensive, you need to get out more. I stand by my tweet. Furthermore, death does not suddenly absolve us of what we did when we were alive.”

Sickeningly bitter axe to grind aside (one bung article from nearly a year ago, for the love of god), knowing Leyonhjelm’s ordinary MO any criticism of his words is bound to be met with howls of “free speech,” so let me be clear: Free speech does not prevent you from saying whatever asinine thought that comes into your head, but it also gifts people the ability to call you a blithering twit when you say dumb shit.

That Leyonhjlem cites concepts of “decency” and “shabby treatment” in that statement is so omnipotently ironic it should by all rights have its own gravitational pull.
David Leyonhjelm is a man entrusted by the Australian public, with a salary paid for by the Australian taxpayers, to function as a real-life Senator in the Federal Parliament. Instead, he spends his time acting like a 12-year-old ‘Call of Duty‘ player fucked up on Red Bull hurling ungodly obscenities down his microphone.
That he couldn’t wait much more than an hour or so after news of her death broke to chide Wilson paints a picture of not so much a competent Senator, but of a petulant worm with his head so far up his arse that he can inspect his own tonsils.
I cannot stress this strongly enough: it’s repeated conduct like this that makes Senator David Leyonhjelm the most thunderously useless politician in modern Australian history; an utter waste of taxpayer money and dazzlingly ineffective. The chair he sits on contributes more to Australian political discourse than he does.
Putting the boots into the recently deceased is as bad as it gets. And for that, David Leyonhjelm, you can well and truly, utterly, completely, go and gargle pond scum, you pathetic old fuck.
And if you think that’s offensive, you need to get out more.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: David Leyonhjelm/Facebook, Twitter.