Why Bill Leak’s Latest Cartoon Is An Inexcusibly Bigoted, Rancid Horse Turd

There are many words you can use to describe people like Bill Leak: “fuckwit”, “dickhead”, “bastard man”, “fuckface”, “pissdrinker”, “assclown”, “horsecock”, “shit for brains” and “complete dipshit of cyclopean proportions”, to name a few. To summarise: he is not a very good man.

Bill Leak has made his whole “thing” out of making cartoons that are either just completely unfunny or completely unfunny and wildly offensive, so it’s not unsurprising that he has once again poked his head out from the filthy hole he lives in to dispense more bigoted shit from his drool-covered drawing desk.
If it sounds like I’m being mean, you have to weigh this up against how he’s consistently published hateful shit against pretty well every kind of minority you can imagine, have a look at these pearlers:
You get the idea. He is a scared little man with a paintbrush,  a platform and very little understanding of how anything outside his worldview operates. 
This time he’s possibly managed to outdo himself (although his last big upset was pretty fucked), deciding that the best way to express the fact that everyone in the world except for a handful of fucked, backwards, bigoted right-wingers reckons marriage equality is dope by comparing them to Nazis.
King Dickhead over here thought himself up a cheeky little pun and thought it would be a genius idea to portray people pushing for same-sex marriage as members of the SS – not just any Nazis, the Nazis that were literally in charge of running the concentration and extermination camps.
The exact same troops who arrested 50,000 people accused of being homosexuals and killed around 15,000 of those very same people – those are the people he thinks are representative of the LGBTIQ push for same-sex marriage.
This literally requires no explanation for why it’s offensive. Making jokes about the Holocaust is already in pretty poor taste, but making it about a group of people who were direct victims? Get in the fucking bin and set yourself on fire, you ignorant old shit.
Are we just giving him more airtime by getting angry about this? Good. More people should know that he’s a complete wingnut and should actively condemn him for the ridiculous bullshit he keeps pulling.
Can’t wait to see what ever bullshit excuse ‘The Australian‘ pulls out this time about Leak “starting a conversation”. 
Source: The Australian / Bill Leak (Dick).