Westfield Presents: How To Dress For The Polo


Saturday nights are over. It’s all about spending weekends in the sun these days.

The options are endless: picnics in the park; a day at the beach; music festivals; long lunches; horse races. One increasingly popular way to enjoy weekends during daylight hours is attending the Polo.

Bright green turf mixed with mint juleps and beautiful horses makes for a fine day out. When it comes to dressing for a day on the green, the ladies can easily chuck on a dress and some flats. For the dudes, when in doubt, there’s no better brand to consult with than makers of gorgeous impeccably tailored sportswear, Polo Ralph Lauren. In fact (and most appropriately) the face of Ralph Lauren Polo is the aesthetically pleasurable Argentine dreamboat Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras – professional player of the game.

Here’s three items from Polo Ralph Lauren we recommend for a day at the polo…

The Polo Shirt.
This is a no-brainer. The instantly identifiable Ralph Lauren brand icon is the polo player on horseback. Unlike the stifling dressing requirements of the horse races, polo is a more smart/casual affair. A classic Polo shirt in one of the many colour options Polo Ralph Lauren offers is the perfect way to look smart while keeping comfortable in the midday sun.

The Blazer.
Every man needs a good blazer. This day-to-night wardrobe staple hails back to the early days of polo in 1860s Portugal where, post-game, horse blankets made from stiff woolen fibres were fashioned into coats for the players once the sun had gone down and the temperature dropped. Actually that’s not true, I just made it up. But! If dressed in a perfectly-fitting and well cut blazer you’ll have the confidence to converse knowledgably on any topic – regardless of factual accuracy.

The Fragrance.
Long gone are the days of a signature fragrance being a treat reserved for women only. The market is awash with delightful scents for gents, none more apt for a day at the polo than Polo Ralph Lauren Blue. Described as “The freedom of the big, blue sky, the energy of the open waters, an invigorating blast of fresh air. Polo Ralph Lauren Blue is a new definition of casual elegance.” Need we go on? It’s the perfect fragrance to accompany your day in the outdoors on the polo field.

Go forth and score goals.

Polo Ralph Lauren stores are situated in Westfield Doncaster in Victoria and Westfield Bondi Junction in NSW.