WELP: A Federal MP Has Officially Put “Sandstorm By Darude” Into Hansard

We tend to hold Hansard up as a bastion of political lore that contains the fabric of our great nation and holds our elected officials to the highest professional standards.
But in reality, it’s just a record of all the banal shit that spills out of the mouths of federal MPs while on the floor of the house.
For example, Barnaby Joyce breaking the world record for instances of the word “carp” uttered inside a minute? That’s in there.
Ian Macdonald invoking Hitler while protesting the lifetime free travel entitlement cut? That’s in there too.
But occasionally, just from time to time, there’s a bloody cracker put in there that we can all be a little bit proud of.
LNP member for Brisbane Trevor Evans took the floor in the House of Reps a couple of days ago, and thanks to his time on the floor the phrase “Sandstorm by Darude” is now woven in the fabric of Australia’s political history.
I mean, so is “Nickelback,” but the Sandstorm bit is clearly more important.

This whole thing came about during a discussion on the Innovation Agenda, which the Government is using to pump extra funds into exploring different ways to help local businesses, like the Brisbane-based business Nightlife Music and their crowd-sourcing public music platform crowdDJ that old mate uses as an example.
And that’s all well and good – that’s your context if you were lookin’ for it. But the main takeaway here? Finnish drops god Darude now has a permanent place in Australian political discourse.
Dododododoo dododododododoo DODODODODODODOO DODODODODODODOO dododododododoo dododododododoo DODOdododododo.

Source: Trevor Evans/Facebook.