We Got An Exclusive Tour Inside Sydney’s Weirdest Looking Building

I don’t think it’s too radical of a statement to say that our old girl, the harbour city of Sydney, has seen better days.

With overly harsh lockout laws slicing up our nightlife culture, endless and unwanted infrastructure programs constantly stalling and making already garbage traffic nigh unbearable and a state government that prioritises rich casino owners and property developers over, well, everyone else, our love for the once great Emerald City has taken some heavy hits of late.
One such soul-sucking development from the past couple of years is the NSW Government’s move to kick out residents of housing commission buildings across the CBD to sell to luxury apartment developers and none has been more controversial than their attempts to shut down and demolish the Sirius building in the harbour-adjacent The Rocks.
Known as “that big F-off, Lego looking grey building you see when you cross the Harbour Bridge” the Sirius building has been around since 1979 but currently only has one last resident who continues to fight against the attempts to relocate her.
Said legend Myra Demetriou and the group battling to repeal the government’s cash-hungry move, invited P.TV to visit the big ol’ brutalist building and get an up-till-now unseen look inside, which we grabbed for you all via our Instagram Story video below:
To book a tour of your own and for more on the fight to save the site, head to Save Our Sirius.
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Photo: Flikr / Colton Whelpton.