Carpool Karaoke‘ getting its own standalone series was about as inevitable as the sun rising.

The wildly popular ‘Late Late Show‘ segment blew up YouTube time and time again, racking up millions upon millions of hits, and now a 16-episode standalone series is set to hit Apple Music in the not-too-distant future.

Apple premiered a short trailer for the series during the Grammy Awards earlier in the week, but now a much longer trailer has dropped. And if Will Smith and James Corden rapping the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ theme sounds like your jam, you’re gonna want to pay attention.

Each of the 16 episodes pairs up a different groups of hosts and artists, and the trailer features Alicia Keys & John Legend, Shaq & John Cena, Billy Eichner & Metallica (!!!!), Ariana Grande & Seth Macfarlane, and Smith & Corden, among others.

There’s Smith & Corden in a freakin’ helicopter, Seth Macfarlane looking like the world’s uncoolest stepdad next to Grande, METALLICA SINGING RIHANNA SOMEHOW and heaps more. Get around it.

There’s still no definite release date for the series – Apple is promising that it’s “coming soon” – but once it drops, it will be available to Apple Music subscribers through the app.

Whether it makes it to more conventional broadcasting formats is anyone’s guess at this stage.

Source: YouTube.