WATCH: Turnbull Commits Deeply Unaustralian Act Of Refusing A Sausage Sanga

Politicians are not people like us. Some part of the process of becoming a successful politician saps your essential humanity and leaves you as an empty husk in a suit who has to try and figure out how a normal, non-wealthy Australian would react to a given situation. More often than not, they will get it wrong.
Bill Shorten had his lettuce moment and his eating-a-sausage-sandwich-like-a-mutant moment. Tony Abbott had his onion eating moment and his second onion eating moment
Now Turnbull has done the unthinkable: knocked back a sausage sanga from a CWA volunteer while doing a tour of flood-affected Lismore in Queensland.
Why would he possibly refuse when it’ll only make him look like a dickhead, you might ask? Because he’s “running around a bit [too] much” to be eating. Mate, it’s a fucken sausage and a bit of bread. I think you’ll be alright.

Obviously, this flimsy excuse is a code for “I ate an entire goose on the plane and I’ve been eating fresh oysters out of my jacket pocket since 9 in the morning“.
The internet did not take kindly to this gross violation of everything that Australia stands for (primarily “meat“, it turns out):

Next time just eat the damn sausage.
Photo: Getty Images / Stefan Postles.