This should probably be prefaced with a very stern DO NOT DO THIS but we all know that tradies are a breed unto themselves; battle-worn and hardened by having to spend their careers baking under the harsh Australian sun as they bash wood into buildings.

Here we have footage of a group of chippies on the site of a building, working away at erecting the framework. When one of the young fellas – we don’t have names for any of them but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s Jonesy – when Jonesy runs afoul of the accursed nail gun, slotting a bolt straight through a digit, you’d be forgiven if you’d think that that just about ends your day’s work on the spot.

Only in steps another bloke – named, I dunno… Shagger – in steps Shagger, heroically swinging into action by pinning Jonesy’s hand to the house’s frame with a clamp (which, frankly, is pretty ingenious) before reefing the offending nail out as the other lads – Robbo, Pissy, and Two Dogs – all watch on apparently a little green under the gills.

A warning, this isn’t exactly for the weak of stomach.

A brave young soul. Tougher for the experience. And a very clever solution to boot.

But also, in a much more sane response: Go to Doctor. Do not pull nail out of finger with pliers. DOC TOR.

Love your work but, fellas.

Source: YouTube.

Photo: Facebook.