Please pray for Brenda from Bristol.

After the anouncement yesterday from UK Prime Minister Theresa May that the country is about to have yet another general election – three years ahead of schedule – the majority of the country is feeling a deep, deep weariness. Australia has had its fair share of political turmoil, but we haven’t been subjected to the sheer number of elections and referenda the Brits have.

Now they’ve got another one, and the mood was perfectly captured by one supremely exasperated woman, who learned about it literally as she was being interviewed on TV:

“There’s too much politics going on at the moment.” Same, Brenda. Same.

The responses mostly said that Brenda herself should be PM, which I would argue is fairly ill-advised. She doesn’t really seem keen on the whole politics thing, and how much of it there is.

Here’s hoping she has an absolute sick one the day she has to toddle up to the voting booth – sans sausage roll, because the UK is a depraved nation – and vote.

Source: Twitter.