Watch: The Sartorialist At Work In New York

If he approached you on the street and asked to take a photo of you, chances are you’d be wary of him and its purpose. But upon telling you it was for his blog The Sartorialist, your tone would swiftly change and you’d be obliged – and quietly flattered – by his acknowledgement of you (wishing you’d had recognised him yourself).

A short documentary by Intel Visual Life follows the influential Scott Schuman, as he scours the streets of New York, considered one of the fashion capitals of the world.

Directed by Taylor Manson, we follow Schuman and listen as he reflects on his own life, leading up to now, talking with fond candidness about “letting yourself fall in love every day, letting yourself be seduced every day” when he takes photographs of the people he encounters on the street.

The film invites us to get to know the man behind the camera. We see him rely on instinct and reaction, to create simple, beautiful images. The Sartorialist, Schuman says, acts as a digital park bench, where people can view from all across the world, style and trends of the moment – a scrapbook by which we may be able to look back 100 years from now. That’s actually a really lovely concept.