WATCH: The Late Night Circuit Is Going HAM Over This Russian Clusterfuck

In the month-and-a-bit since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States, some category-five shitstorms have blown out of the White House, but the ongoing debacle involving Attorney General Jeff Sessions might just be the most potent of ’em all. 

In short: the chief legal officer of the United States government, who acted as a representative for Trump during the election, was found to have communicated with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the lead-up to the election. 

It’s a no-no for Sessions to have spoken to Kislyak for two huge reasons: firstly, it looks shady as hell, considering the Trump administration’s desire to lift sanctions the Obama administration placed on Russia, and all the Democratic National Convention hacking business. Secondly, Sessions was part of a committee investigating communications between Trump’s campaign and Russia in the first place.
Oh, Sessions also appears to have lied about it while under oath. Twice. If that accusation sticks, it’s full-blown perjury. 
Sessions has recused himself from the investigation – he’d be burnt at the stake if he didn’t, tbh – but despite calls for his resignation, he’s still hanging on to his position. Trump himself has voiced his support, which isn’t exactly a resounding endorsement of ethical legitimacy.

Mainstream news organisations are zeroing in on this one, but the response from the late-night circuit is also something to behold. Legitimately. Nearly every damn outlet is gawping at how huge this scandal is – and how much larger it could become. 

Over on The Daily Show, the ascendant Trevor Noah referred to the actual footage that nailed Sessions, compared him to a bikkie mascot, before saying “what makes it worse is that he lied under oath while interviewing to be the guy who prosecutes people for lying under oath.” Only the best people, folks.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert excoriated ’em in his opening monologue, imitating Sessions’ trademark drawl as he said “well I’d be happy to answer your questions, senator, but first let me stand on this rickety chair next to a full bathtub. Please, hand me a toaster and turn it on, if you will.”
Over on Seth Meyers’ Late Night, the consistently competent host devoted his A Closer Look segment to the ensuing clusterfuck. His take on it went further, addressing the context behind the issue and the immediate aftermath:

Yeah, like we said, this is a big bloody deal – but not just because late-night shows are covering it with relentless vigour. 
Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers / YouTube.