Look, you read the headline and you clicked on it. You’re along for the ride. 

Perennial loose unit Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins is a favourite of ours, so much so that we even went to the bloody Olympics with him. He’s a man that has that most noble of all human values: he just loves to party, and right now he’s cutting shit up in Norway.

While doing a spot of lake fishing, he came across what we in the nautical business call “the angler’s predicament” (note: I made that up), which as we all know means when you pull up a squid and the squid gets stuck to the side of your boat and it’s really hard to get the squid off the boat.

WATCH: The Honey Badger Wanked A Squid On Camera & Yes You Read That

Clearly not unfamiliar with the angler’s predicament (again, I made that up), Cummins takes to the only known remedy: giving that squid a gentle Handy J, a soft and gentle Randyman’s Tug. It’s a motion we’re all deeply familiar with, although possibly not in that context. 

He leaves us in the lurch as to whether he actually soothes the gentle beast and gets it off the boat but, to be honest, the grin on his face is enough for me.

Wrap your eyes around it: