WATCH: The Coopers Pisstakes Have Begun As ‘The Feed’ Cracks One Open

The Coopers Brewery has had a hell of a few days, to put it in the lightest possible way.
On Friday, a video featuring a Liberal politician and a slightly different Liberal politician engaging in a “civil debate” about the issue of same-sex marriage surfaced on the internet. The video, shot by the Bible Society of Australia, just so happened to feature the kind of front-and-centre Coopers product placement and logo assets that can only ever come from a paid advertisement.
In response, angry beer drinkers nationwide have commenced a boycott of the brewery’s products, and countless bars have opted to cease stocking the beer altogether in a show of solidarity with both the LGBTQI community, and the practically overwhelming number of Australians who have statistically shown to be in favour of marriage equality.
And while all that’s going on, the pisstakes have commenced. The glorious, eases-the-rage-headache-momentarily pisstakes.
First cab off the rank is the real good SBS VICELAND magazine show ‘The Feed‘ – a program which is worthy of installation as a national icon solely because it provides continued employment to the human sunbeam known as Jeannette Francis.
The program, which aired overnight, took aim at the beer, with host Mark Humphries starring in a mock ad for the brewery’s pale ale, interspersing punters explaining  “why I drink Coopers” with tidbits from the company’s now-very-public thoughts on the issue of equal rights.

Obviously this isn’t going to solve any of the issues that have arisen ever since Coopers decided to stick its product firmly in the corner of “agreeing to disagree” on the issue (which is some politically weak bullshit).
But hey, a good laugh about a bad thing every now and then is good for the blood pressure.
As that wonderful adage I just made up goes, there’s plenty of other beers in the fridge.

Source: The Feed/YouTube.