WATCH: Sylvia Jeffreys’ Vaguely Vaginal Gown Broke Everyone On ‘Today’

Alright, look, none of us are above a bit of a chuckle at an everyday object that’s accidentally shaped like a peen or a poon. That’s comedy paydirt; can’t argue with it.
heh heh
But just because something reminds you of a naughty part doesn’t mean you make a big hoo-ha about it, you grot! Looking at you in particular, staff of The Today Show!
SOME people seem to think that Sylvia Jeffreys, Channel 9 reporter and very nice lady, made a bit of a snafu in choosing this particular soft pink, symmetrically ruffled gown to wear to last night’s Logies ceremony, because SOME people think that it bears more than a passing resemblance to a, uh… delicate flower.
And SOME people seemed to think that Jeffreys’ use of the phrase “in a flap” to refer to the discussion of said dress on social media was FUNNY. 

And SOME of those people included very famous TV hosts on a breakfast news show! Who apparently couldn’t comport themselves enough in the unremarkable event of a slightly labial garment and a mildly euphemistic phrase to contain their hysterical laughter! 
You can watch the very disappointing display of immaturity below, and hopefully make up your own mind about the lovely, modest, 100% unvaginal dress yourself.

familiarise yourself, please
Source & image: The Today Show.