Watch: Ryan McGinley’s New Short Film

Who wants to see some inter-species kissing, a homemade flamethrower and flying fishbowls? Of course you do weirdo. Taking his lens out of the woods and into the studio, photographer Ryan McGinley teams up with and model Carolyn Murphy to imbue a series of cognitively disarming scenarios with McGinley’s luscious visual style. It’s simultaneously weird and beautiful in a way that turns bottling someone in the head into a religious experience and if you’re not adverse to some canine French kissing you should definitely watch it below.

The film’s called Entrance Romance (It Felt Like a Kiss) and as McGinley reassures at the start of the clip – no models or animals were harmed during the making of this film. Says Murphy: “I think we did the fishbowl scene in just one take. As soon as it cracked against my head, everyone dove down and scrambled to pick up the goldfish. None were hurt in the making of this film”.