WATCH: Ryan Gosling Ain’t Done Singing Yet In The ‘Song To Song’ Trailer

Terrence Malick‘s late-career burst of extreme productivity is nothing but a glorious, glorious thing that we are all the better for. And if the trailer for his newest effort is anything to go by, that train is set to keep a’rollin’.
The highly revered ‘The Tree of Life‘ director is turning his attention to the now-almost mythical Austin, Texas music scene for ‘Song to Song,’ a brooding, indie-rock soaked tale of two entangled couples that carries with it just a hint of an ever-present menace; the kind of looming doom that Malick wields with a master artist’s brush.
The film follows Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara as love-struck struggling Austin-based songwriters who fall into the web of an insidious music mogul played by Michael Fassbender, and the waitress (Natalie Portman) he ensnares.
The over-stacked cast also features appearances from Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Benicio Del Toro, and Val Kilmer, alongside a plethora of cameos from the world of music by the likes of Florence Welch, Lykke Li, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Fleet Foxes, the Black Lips, John Lydon, Arcade Fire, Flea, and Iron & Wine, among many, many others.
The movie was shot way back in 2012, with Malick taking his usual sweet-ass time to gather the flick together in post-production. As a little fun-fact, it was originally set to be titled ‘Lawless,’ but Malick willingly gave the title up to fellow director John Hillcoat for his 2012 film of that name. The more you know.
Cop a squiz at the gorgeous-looking trailer below.

Fittingly, ‘Song to Song‘ has a world premiere set for the Austin-based SXSW festival on March 10.
It’s set for a limited release in the US from March 17. No word on any local availability at this time.

Source: YouTube.