WATCH: Prepare To Feast Ya Eyes On Drake’s Dad’s ~Pimpin’~ 1st Music Video

There’s been rumours for aggeeeesssss that Drake‘s heavily-moustachioed father, Dennis Graham, was releasing his own music. 

We’re sorry to say that it’s not out yet. But on a more positive note, now we know it’s definitely coming, and we have a glimpse into what it looks and sounds like. 
And we can tell you now, it sounds like a RnB crooner fell into a vat of smooth honey.
Luckily, TMZ managed to get ahold of a snippet of one of Graham’s music videos, and boy do we feel #blessed that they did. 
Let’s just say this: it’s difficult to be shocked over what it looks like. Daddy Drake has gone with the classics; smoke covering the floor, white suits, fedora, bling, girls younger than his hypothetical granddaughter. 
This could easily be a parody of itself but we think… it’s serious? He definitely flashes the OVO logo, Drake‘s iconic owl. So this is… real? 
Decide for yourself:
Oh god, it’s real. Yo, where does one even *buy* a chair like that? 
Source: TMZ