WATCH: Nutcase Kayaks Over Flood-Swollen QLD Waterfall & Survives Like NBD

Cementing Queensland‘s status as Land of the Lunatic, footage has emerged of a bloke taking advantage of recent wild downpours in the Far North by going over a swollen waterfall in a kayak. 
The footage was taken yesterday at Paronella Park, a tourist attraction south of Cairns, and has already clocked more than 100,000 views. It shows the guy – purportedly an American kayaking enthusiast/nutcase called Chris Bucksey – paddling underneath a footbridge stretched across the churning brown river, plunging over the falls, and disappearing beneath the white water for a few nail-biting seconds before bobbing up like a rubber ducky under a tap. 
While it might be exciting to watch people perform acts of daredevilry and derring-do, the rains in the top end of the state have not been much fun for locals, with floodwaters sweeping away and drowning a Cairns good Samaritan last week. So it’s sort of unsurprising that so many of the comments on the video are of the “this bloke is a fucking wanker” school of thought:
Evidence points to Bucksey (whose name, it must be said, sounds made up) being a professional, but nevertheless I will go ahead and say it: don’t try doing this. At home, or anywhere. 
Source: Yahoo 7 News.
Image: Yeng Thao / Facebook.