WATCH: ‘MKR’ Dude Calls Female Opponent Ugly, Blames Backlash On Feminism

Here’s something you probably shouldn’t need to be told: don’t imply to someone’s face that they are not very attractive (I mean, ideally, you wouldn’t really comment negatively on anyone’s appearance at all, but, hey, none of us are perfect). To me, this seems like extremely basic common courtesy, the kind you learn at about the age of 7 or 8. Apparently, this is not a universal experience, specifically as it relates to ‘My Kitchen Rules‘ contestant Matt, who is very likely to be older than 7 or 8.

In a bit of very bizarre banter between courses, Matt decided to respond to Josh‘s revelation that he was formerly a male model by not-so-subtly implying that Josh’s wife Amy was punching above her weight, which he then doubled down on when everyone couldn’t figure out what the fuck he was talking about:
“Have you ever heard of batting Merrins? Anyone that’s with someone that’s better or looking or whatever they say ‘Oh, you’re batting Merrins’. Amy’s batting Merrins.”
While Matt somehow manages to look a bit shocked at himself halfway through explaining that, he’s not showing half as much surprise and disgust as the rest of the room.

For some context, the term comes from NRL player Trent Merrin, who – to the complete surprise of the people that coined and popularised the phrase – managed to land himself surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

Instead of maybe reflecting on the fact that he had, maybe in a moment of nervousness or awkwardness or whatever, been a huge dick accidentally, decided to dig himself a nice little hole and later blame the cold reception the “””joke””” got on there being “too many feminists at [the] table“. What a lovely man.
Have a watch, if that’s your thing:
Nice going there, mate.
Photo: Channel 7.