WATCH: Marvel Mash-Up Casts Trump As The Billionaire Playboy He’ll Never Be

In some ways, it makes sense that the insanely-talented Huw Parkinson and ABC’s Insiders team would choose to Frankenstein Donald Trump’s head onto Tony Stark for their latest pop-cult mash-up masterwork.

They’re both known for stupendous wealth.They both live in gaudy towers of their own devising. They both sidestep controversy after controversy due to their unholy charisma. Both see themselves as roguish playboys par excellence, who wield the power to save the world / Make America Great Again. Neither of them are in possession of a heart.

Then again, we don’t recall Iron Man ever instructing Falcon to “grab ’em by the pussy”. And the man in the metal suit at least tries to do good things for humanity. 

In all fairness, the vid below focuses on the first Presidential Debate, meaning Parkinson would have been working on the finishing touches juuust as Trump’s disturbing 2005 comments leaked. It’s just as well he managed to pilfer from Trump’s earlier rank statements about women in addition to that cheeky front-page insert, then.

Have a gander below, and marvel at the fact Iron Man is everything Donald wishes he was – but will never, ever be. Also, have a ponder about Hillary Clinton’s appointment as Captain America. Perhaps Ultron would have been more apt, considering her apparent trouble securing emails: