WATCH: Malfunctioning Escalator Takes Hong Kong Shoppers On Terrifying Ride

At least 18 people have been injured after an escalator in Hong Kong‘s Mong Kok shopping mall suddenly reversed direction and doubled in speed.
The escalator was a long one, going between the fourth and eight floors of the mall, which makes the accident all the more terrifying. 
Footage shows dozens of shoppers jolt forward as the escalator halts abruptly. They’re then hurled backwards towards the ground, where a pile of bodies at the foot of the escalator is steadily growing.
One of the 18 hurt in the accident is reported to have been severely injured.
According to Hong Kong Free Press, the same escalator was briefly shut down earlier in the day, and an inspection on Thursday showed that it was operating normally.
Cold comfort for these people, and for anyone who’s having their escalator-phobia seriously exacerbated right now.
Stay safe in those malls, everyone.

Image: Facebook.