If beauty is movement then stasis is bland. Especially when clothes are rendered as jpegs on a computer. There’s no bounce, no spirit and no indication of how garments might translate into real life. To counter this, Lover let their creations dip, sway and sing in a meditative short film called ‘A Dance for One’, a companion piece to the label’s AW11 collection of the same name.

The film follows professional ballet dancer Amber Scott of The Australian Ballet and highlights the discipline required to exceed in dance. Lover and ballet, it makes so much sense. So much demure ladylike sense. “As a long time fan of The Australian Ballet and Amber Scott, it was a dream come true to work with her, to have her perform only meters away from me wearing Lover, brought tears to my eyes.” Lover co-founder Susien Chong said of the experience.

Lover collaborate again with female photographer team The Aeon who last year produced ‘The Harvest’ starring Sophie Lowe.