HALLOWEEN. Never underestimate how thankful we as Australians should be that the only aspect of the quite-American observance we’ve adopted with open arms is the whole “drinking in costumes” thing. Because drinking in costumes is mad. Real mad.

And it being the month of October now, All Hallow’s Eve is officially upon us once again, which means we all start to embrace our yearly tradition of gathering pals together, getting blasted-off-your-arse drunk, and attempting to scare the absolute bejeebus out of one another.

To wit, here we have your old pals Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon attempting to navigate one of New York’s reportedly scariest haunted houses, the “Blood Manor.”

With the benefit of watching it on video via a computer screen and not actually being in the place personally, therefore making me the current toughest man alive, I can tell you straight-up that it doesn’t look that bad; just a whole bunch of jump-scares and one kinda devastated-lookin’ chainsaw-wieldin’ maniac.

‘Course being in there would probably be a whole other thing entirely, because having something grab at your ankles in pitch black darkness is SCARY AF.

We all know Jimmy Fallon could barely keep a straight face on ‘SNL‘ at the best of times. And if you’re wondering if that propensity to break into laughter carries over into terrified yelling as well, the answer is abso-bloody-lutely.

I don’t know what fresh hell that last room is or why they had to put on special glasses to go through it, but if whoever’s running that place could keep it well the shit away from me at all times, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Happy Halloween, chumps!

WATCH: Kevin Hart & Jimmy Fallon Shit Their Dacks In A Spooky Haunted House

Source: The Tonight Show/YouTube.