Here’s a little nice thing to cheer up the end of your week – Axis of Awesome frontwoman and beautiful human Jordan Raskopoulos is celebrating her second year of transition, with a beaut little video documenting the time since she first took that “little blue pill”.

It’s not uncommon for someone who is transitioning to document their experience, and Jordan sharing her experience adds to the plethora of support that can be found online.

“March 24, 2015 was the day I started my transition,” Jordan says in the video’s description. 

“It’s been TWO YEARS since i dropped the first of those little blue pills and began my journey towards living a genuine life without shame. Thank you to everyone who has supported and loved me over this time.”

Big ol’ congrats to you, Jordan. You’re doing a beautiful thing by being unashamedly yourself. Love ya.

Photo: YouTube / Jordan Raskopoulos.

WATCH: Jordan Raskopoulos Celebrates 2 Yrs Of Transitioning W/ Adorbs Vid