WATCH: Hamish & Andy’s ‘True Story’ Will Spin Your Pub Yarns Into Gold

There’s almost nothing better than reaching that point in an evening of beers and banter when everyone starts busting out their best “It Happened To Me” stories. 
We’ve all got one. Maybe you were having a fantastic time at a bar in Japan until you realised it was run by the local yakuza. Maybe you had to hold your housemate’s digit in place during the ride to the hospital after a drunken snack mishap. Maybe you locked yourself out of the house and had to climb a stack of wheelie bins, break a window and almost fall to your death in order to get back in (not speaking from experience or anything).
It’s the universal nature of the non-fiction yarn that makes True Story, the latest iteration of Hamish & Andy‘s collaborative genius, so immediately appealing. The premise is simple: standard punters like you and me have a sit-down and a chin-wag with a velvet-blazered H & A, and Australian actors and comedians act out the stories as they’re being told, Drunk History style. 
Judging from the trailer, we’re going to see travel yarns, boat yarns, wildlife yarns, boss yarns and at least one true-to-life hospital drama. Check it out for yourself, and start sifting through your chequered past for your own best stories, ‘cos I’m calling it now: there will definitely be a season two. 
True Story kicks off on Channel 9 in June. 
Source and image: Facebook.